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That Health is Wealth; that a Healthy family is a Wealthy family; that a Healthy workforce is equal to a Wealthy organization, that a Healthy populace is equal to a Wealthy nation. Do you also know that sickness or accident could occur anytime without notice?

Do you always keep money at home in anticipation of sickness or accident? Do you have a personal doctor? Are you financially stable enough to afford the huge and ever rising cost of healthcare services?

We know that majority will answer "No" to these questions, thereby indicating a gap in accessing quality healthcare services when necessary. At Ultimate Heath Management Services, we have professionally and passionately bridge this gap by ensuring equitable, accessible and affordable healthcare services for all in line with global standards and practices.

Ultimate Health Management Services major responsibilities as an accredited national health maintenance organisation are:

1). To help people (irrespective of individual financial status) have healthier lives and help make our healthcare system function better for all.

2). At Ultimate Health HMO, we provide healthcare coverage and services with rich clerical knowledge and expertise in organizing available financial and healthcare resources to best serve specific unique needs.

3). We strongly leverage on robust software and technology to develop modernize healthcare system, analyze data and provide time tested services across several accredited facilities in the country.

4). We stop at nothing to put smile on the faces of our enrollees and also work harmoniously with healthcare facilities to cultivate stronger culture of service excellence.

Ultimate Health HMO News

  • 25 July

    Nigeria borrows $500 million to revamp 10,000 primary health centers

    The Federal Government of Nigeria wants to revamp 10,000 primary healthcare centres across the

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  • 25 July

    Kano has attained 90 per cent vaccine coverage

    Kano state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Kabir Ibrahim Getso, has disclosed that the city of th

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  • 25 July

    Cancer: Merck announces Africa-focused medical oncology fellowship program

    Merck, a leading science and technology company, today announced to start the first Merck Afri

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Health Tips

  • Oranges
    An orange a day keeps the doctor away

  • Cyclists
    Cycling is an excellent form of exercise. It strengthens the heart, leg muscles and keeps you fit strong and healthy. Did you exercise today?

  • Patient with dentist
    Brushing after each meal can prevent major dental surgery. Please brush regularly

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